When a Good Friday was out hunting. He turned away from the group to pursue a deer, but in the woods the animal turned and faced him. Then St Hubert saw between his antlers bright sobrecogió.Enseguida Cruz who heard a voice he recommended ordained as priest.

Hubert went to San Lamberto, who was bishop of Mastrich, and became her spiritual director. St. Hubert then renounced his noble titles, wealth and distributed it among the poor.

These are the values ​​of this brotherhood of Los yebenes The St. Hubert hermandaz Los Yébenes is based on its mission to the International Order of St. Hubertus.

Working hard in spreading the arts of hunting. Just as in the law of sporting weapons and promoting courses for teaching and educational training for Safe and Responsible Hunting ¨ ¨

The Venerable Order of Saint Hubert was founded by Anton Von Spork in 1695. The 10 May 1950 was reinstated under the name of the International Order of Saint Hubert.

The protector of the Order is His Majesty King Juan Carlos I of Spain. ¨ God sees and cares for their animals "


You can become a member of the brotherhood, more information at : info@museodelacaza.org