The slogan Discover the Yébenes leaves Garoz an idea of ​​the family with the help of Jaime Salas Pavon.

The commitment Yébenes Nature Tourism, Hunting, Grastonomia y Ecology.

Surrounded by these mountains, rañas, stony pastures and one gets the encouragement and peace. Hunting and nature is the great hallmark of this town of Toledo.

The large end of the Yébenes, 67.718 hectares (among the three largest in Spain), So huge short term has no natural places of interest, heart of the Montes de Toledo, pure Mediterranean vegetation: oaks, quejigos, rebollos, pines (repopulated), chaparros, retamas, jaras, coscojas, madroños, junipers, Romeros the thymes. Sauces y frenos, among other riverside vegetation, magnificent pastures and cereals, olive, vineyards and almond crops which refers. Sierras sometimes wild, with a tremendous pedrizas, and more gentle and soft.

Do not forget gastronomy, hunting products and typical Manchego shake hands. Pickled partridge, venison sauce… the dishes deer, Boar. Only by eating well worth the visit. Sausage factories of game meat or cheese also settle in Los Yébenes.

The Nature Park is a sculptural delight Garoz, game animals, protected, hunting scenes, A complete street full of art! You can not stop visiting.

Taxidermy and saddlery are yebeneras own crafts. La Familia Garoz su inaugurates workshop on taxidermy 1947, perhaps the first in the region of Montes de Toledo.

Also worth seeing the Crest Milling, excellent views, and a perfectly restored mills and accurately reflect how was ground formerly, the miller's house and a nice path to get (although it can also drive).

Numerous hermitages, and the pattern of the people, San Blas, or Christ, and two main churches, the Santa Maria and San Juan, paths that correspond to locations, as, For centuries there were two municipalities!, from the thirteenth century until the Liberal Triennium (1822) started reunification. The two villages were Yébenes San Juan (under the rule of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem) and Toledo Yébenes (under the control of the archdiocese of Toledo), separated by the Camino Real from Sevilla (old N-401). Outside the urban core of the castle is Guadalerzas, is private. As you can see, every reason to drop by the Yébenes, albeit without hunting excuse, worth.

La Gastronomia is very important to your game meat, worked for the best hunting despieze rooms across Europe as The Chase Catredal, Hotels and restaurants like Casa Apelio from 1920 and soon will open its doors more Anade Real Country Hotels as a bed and breakfast with four luxury suites, su aceite oliva virgen extra for, marzipan sweets and recognized as Mancheguitos internacinalmente.

So be the future route of the museums in Los Yébenes

Hunt Museum The Yebenes

The Hunt Museum is a private endeavor of the family Garoz. and finally after 14 years without public aid is open. Splendid feature where taxidermy dioramas combine, paint and light, with a very accomplished perspective all modes hunting-, a laboratory of taxidermy, in which classes are taught teaching this art, the Board of shipments with a collection of over 700 birds and mammals and one of the collections completasr European birds worldwide, soubenir stores, Rowland ward, Gastronomy, cafes and an audiovisual room, accommodate 150 people

Museum of Quintos de Mora

This museum will collect the incredible collection of antique weapons, animals and hunting tools that once were exhibited at Quintos de Mora, hence the name of the museum. There are very curious and valuable weapons. There is also a collection of rare trophies. The museum is located on the top floor of the House of Culture, in the Plaza de San Juan.

Science Museum

Above 500 Parts, funds not exposed in the National Museum of Natural Sciences, be displayed in the 200 square meters of exhibition hall of the Auditorium Theatre Los Yébenes. The Science Museum will be possible thanks to a collaboration agreement signed between the Town Council and the Centre for Scientific Research; the agreement, also, includes research in the Dehesa Boyal farms and Los Ballesteros Foundation. He is seeking private funding to exhibit a genuine whale skeleton (of 1800)

Real Exhibition Hall Art Space

Located near the Museum of Hunting , It is a very dynamic living has had several exhibitions of naturalistic painting, an international painting contest with participation of the best painters in the world , participating painters of Mexico, China etc, is preparing an exhibition of Dinosaurs- Past and Present with a collection of fossils and original parts – as a woolly rhino skull ago 2 million years

Future Zoo Yébenes

This is a project that is being forged with businessmen from Los yebenes and beyond. Intended to be located on site of the City of Los Yebenes, old park, abandoned right now.

You could display all wildlife species of Castilla La Mancha and also pretend to be a recovery center fauna.


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