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| The Yébenes | C/ Real Arriba, 44.
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Museum of Hunting
y la Naturaleza

Ciencia, historia y caza en estado puro

Museo De La Caza de Los Yébenes es un museo científico, historic and unique.

It is located in the town of Los Yebenes (Toledo) in one of the oldest streets of the town, muy cerca del Parque de la Naturaleza , Street fighter fame, Taxidermy building and showroom.

This town is the third largest in land area of ​​Spain and where they begin the Montes de Toledo, naturally close.

Una vida tras la caza

Itn this museum, whose base is the Taxidermy, tanto la captura como la naturalización de los animales expuestos se ha efectuado cumpliendo estrictamente todas las normas legales, and have never posed any spoliation for Nature.

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The visit to the museum come to your senses, a great nature walk in Spain and around the world. Modern with all the technologies for children and adults.

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Conoce el Museo de la Caza y Naturaleza de Los Yébenes con todos los datos y documentación en el catálogo oficial.

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Museo de la Caza y Naturaleza de Los Yébenes

El Museo de la Caza de los Yébenes tiene una superficie de 500m. divided into three parts:
1. History of hunting gear.
2. Taxidermy
3. Expeditions

En ellas podrás encontrar:
· Dioramas of all forms of hunting in Spain.
· Weapons collection,,es,Africa and America together with the most complete birds in Europe and possibly the world,,es,General Ticket,,es,Visits,,es,It is not necessary to arrange a visit whenever you go to the museum during opening hours,,es,Instead,,es,if you want to go to the museum outside its opening hours,,es,We accept arranged visits for groups of,,es,people minimum,,es,Arranged visits,,es,call to,,es,Garoz family,,es,the Expedition Hall with a collection of more than,,es,species and one of the most complete collections of birds in Europe around the world,,es,Culminum Amicus headquarters and Garoz Art shopping arcade,,es,Previous,,en,Next,,en,Discover The Yébenes,,es,Play Video,,en,DIRECTION,,es,PHONE,,es,SCHEDULE,,es,Saturdays and Sundays,,es ranging from the Paleolithic to the modern age and.
· Historical costumes of the arts of hunting.
· Taxidermy Laboratory shows all processes from the ninth century to the present.
· Expeditions Room collections of mammals in Eurasia , Africa y America junto con la más completa de aves de Europa y posiblemente del mundo.
· Audiovisual room able to organize workshops, conferences and events of all kinds.

Entrada General: 5€

No es necesario concertar visita siempre que se acuda al museo en el horario de apertura. En cambio, si queréis acudir al museo fuera de su horario de apertura, aceptamos visitas concertadas para grupos de 10 personas mínimo.

Visitas concertadas llamar al:
Tel. 637570341 / 925348168

The Hunt Museum is a private endeavor of the family Garoz. and finally after 14 years without public aid is open. Splendid feature where taxidermy dioramas combine, paint and light, with a very accomplished perspective all modes hunting-, a laboratory of taxidermy, in which classes are taught teaching this art, la Sala de las expediciones con una colección de más de 1.000 especies y una de las colecciones más completas de aves de Europa de todo el mundo, la sede del Culminum Amicus y galería comercial de Garoz Art.



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Calle Real Arrives, 44.
45470 The Yébenes


Tel. 637570341 / 925348168


Sábados y Domingos
10.30 – 14.00 and 17.30 – 20.00 h

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